Tahlequah Daily Press

November 4, 2013

Mayor clarifies anti-electronic cigarette ordinance


TAHLEQUAH — Josh Newton just talked to Mayor Jason Nichols, who had this to say about the proposed regulation of electronic cigarettes, to be considered at the 7 p.m. Tahlequah City Council meeting:

"We had a local anti-tobacco group approach us about prohibiting the use of e-cigarettes on city property. It's amending an older ordinance that prevents tobacco use in city facilities.  The city doesn't have the authority to outlaw e-cigarettes, nor would we ever try.  As we always try to be, we are being responsive to a citizen group who has a concern.  We will be just at responsive to those who want to ensure there is no effort being made to ban them community-wide. If we need to alter, remove, or add language to the ordinance to clarify that intent, we will do that."