Tahlequah Daily Press

October 12, 2012

Help us salute our U.S. military


TAHLEQUAH — Regardless of how different Americans feel about war in general, ongoing campaigns in the Middle East or the nation’s military budget, everyone would agree  the men and women in uniform should be held in the highest esteem for their service to our country.

Evidence of the commitment to our military personnel can be seen in the  numbers of people who send care packages, show up for parades, and even trumpet their support on social media. And any politician who suggests cutting benefits for these folks as a means of balancing the budget can generally start looking for another job.

The Daily Press has long supported our retired and active-duty military personnel – including National Guard and Reserves – even if we’ve not always been enthusiastic about the activities elected officials make them undertake. We are ever-mindful that our soldiers and sailors have little choice in these matters; their very lives are in the hands of the “public servants” we voters send to Capitol Hill. And we honor our military service people for their loyalty and the work they do, whether it’s protecting our freedoms, keeping the peace here and abroad, or advancing the legitimate goals of our nation and its allies.

For the past couple of years, the Daily Press has produced a special supplement to honor our retired and active-duty military who hail from this area.

We ask that these folks or their family members fill out a brief questionnaire and get it to our office through snail mail, email or by dropping it off, with a current photo as well as a photo taken during the time of service, if possible. We compile this material and present it to our readers.

We expect that in 2012, as in earlier years, it will be among the most popular special sections we publish, and for good reason: Most of our military personnel have interesting tales to tell. Some are sad and poignant, others are heart-warming, and more than a few are downright hilarious. In fact, we never tire of hearing some of the tales repeated, and the same holds true for our readers.

The sheer popularity of the salute supplement makes it a logical choice for our supporters in the business community. We can pretty much guarantee their advertisements will be seen by a huge number of readers – especially after we load it onto our website. And we know of several businesses that would not want to miss out on the opportunity to say “thank you” to those who serve in our military.

Those who are or were in the military, or who have family members that fit the bill, should look in the Sunday, Oct. 14 edition of the Press for the questionnaire. For those who miss it, we’ll publish it several times between now and the copy deadline of Wednesday, Oct. 31. Businesses who want to get in on the action should call our ad manager or their respective account executives as soon as possible.

Publication date is Sunday, Nov. 11, for Veterans Day. We look forward to the 2012 crop of submissions and hope to see some new participants, as well as our long-time friends. We appreciate all of you!