Tahlequah Daily Press

November 1, 2013

Helping us help you get the word out


TAHLEQUAH — There’s always something going on in Cherokee County – and on many days, several somethings. During the holiday season, the trend is even more prevalent, as churches, organizations and businesses plan charitable endeavors and family fun.

There are so many activities it’s difficult to keep up with them, even for a newspaper as immersed in the community as the Daily Press. For high-profile, large-scale events, a staff writer may do a preview, and when possible, we’ll show up to take photos and interview participants. But due to the small size of our staff, it’s impossible to attend even a fraction of the worthwhile events planned every single day. That doesn’t mean we won’t shine a spotlight on them. All we need is the basic information, and we can publish a brief in our newspaper. We’ll publish it more than once, if given adequate notice. Many savvy contributors know to give us a heads-up a month in advance, so we have the option of printing their information several times before the event.

In case you’re new to the game and wonder what info we need, it’s simple: Tell us the name or purpose of your event; where and when it’s happening; who or what group is sponsoring it; who’s invited; and the cost. Include any other details – such as, for instance, the menu on an all-you-can-eat fundraiser breakfast. It doesn’t need to be long, but we’d prefer you “write” it in narrative form (like what you’re reading here), rather than list each element individually. (Please note this is only for events of a nonprofit nature; others must be handled through paid advertising.)

Getting the details to us is easy, too. Just email your item to news@tahlequahdailypress.com (put identifying info in your subject line). We’d prefer you copy your text from your word document and paste it in your email field and attach photos. You can also drop typed information by our office at 106 W. Second, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. No matter how you get it to us, always include a contact name and phone number in case we have questions. (You can call Multimedia Editor Sheri Gourd to confirm receipt.)

These “briefs” will be seen by our print and e-edition readers. In the past, they’ve not been available on our website; because of the time involved in doing uploads, the website is generally devoted to staff-written stories, urgent press releases, and items broadly dispersed through our corporate news service.

Recently, though, Sheri added a feature to www.tahlequahdailypress.com: A new button to the left on our homepage, “Community Briefs.” While not every single submission will be posted there, many will be – especially if specifically requested by the person submitting the item. Some briefs will also be posted as links on our Facebook and/or Twitter pages. Speaking of Facebook, we also accept briefs as private messages at www.facebook.com/tdpress. Please give us a 24-hour turnaround, as we may first put them on our website.

Regarding Facebook, it’s important to note that briefs or questions put up as comments on unrelated posts we’ve made, or briefs or questions posted on the Recommendation/Review portion of our page, will not receive a response. Because it would be impossible for us to scroll down every day to seek out new questions and/or briefs, these are automatically “hidden” on our page. We will, however, respond to your private messages.

One more protocol-related comment about our Facebook page: If we refer you to our website for information, that’s not rude behavior on our part. We have so many requests for information we’ve already published, we can’t possibly remember all the details. This is why we often tell folks they can easily find the information they seek through an archive search on our website, using keywords.

As the media industry evolves, we’ll be evolving with it – but we can’t disseminate information when we don’t know it’s out there. Many times we can find it ourselves, but other times, we must rely on you, our readers. Thanks for helping us help you get the word out!