Tahlequah Daily Press

April 3, 2013

Scanner traffic on our website


TAHLEQUAH — If you’re a devoted follower of breaking news as it unfolds – and let’s face it, most of our readers are – then you’ll probably be interested in a new feature on our website at www.tahlequahdailypress.com.

On the left side of our homepage are a number of red “buttons” that take you to various sections of our site. About a quarter of the way down, right under the Crime & Courts button, you’ll see a new addition to the lineup: Police Scanner. Clicking on it will take you to a page that says “RadioReference.com.” There’s a little audio frame with one item in it: “Cherokee County Area Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS.” You may have to click on the title to see the whole thing, or you might simply click the “play” button.

Once you do click on it, though, you’ll begin picking up local scanner frequencies through our live audio feed. Among the agencies to which you’ll have immediate access are the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department, Tahlequah Police Department, Tahlequah City Hospital and Cherokee Nation EMS (ambulance), Northeastern State University Campus Police and Tahlequah Fire Department. We hope to eventually add other entities in the area to the lineup.

This feature will allow you to link, through the Press website, into the chatter among law enforcement officers and emergency personnel. And you can do it without having to purchase a police scanner. This way, you can listen to what’s going on in your community while surfing the internet, chatting with friends on Facebook, or even running other computer programs.

Check it out, and let us know what you think!