Tahlequah Daily Press

September 23, 2013

Tuesday supplement to focus on cancer


TAHLEQUAH — A week from this Tuesday, on Oct. 1, the Daily Press will inaugurate a special series unlike any other we’ve done before. But it’s one we feel will have a significant impact on many people in Cherokee County.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, providing ample opportunity for Americans to pay tribute to the survivors, and to remember those who fought valiantly but lost the battle. All of us have friends or family who have been affected by breast cancer or other forms of this dreaded disease, so the topic is timely and critical.

As a way of honoring those who have struggled with cancer, and to educate the public and get more folks involved in the fight to find a cure, every Tuesday in October, we’ll be publishing a six-page “jacket” for our regular paper. This means the Tuesday papers will contain anywhere from 16 to 22 pages, filled to the brim not only with our regular assortment of news, but also with valuable and comprehensive information on cancer. The supplement will wrap around the regular paper. In many ways, the cover will look like the normal front page of the Press – but it will be very different. We’ll have some surprises in terms of design, and each week, we’ll focus on a different theme.

In keeping with the national motif, we’ll kick off the month Oct. 1 with a package on breast cancer. But we won’t limit ourselves to that. Early on, when our leadership team was developing this five-week project, we decided our readers would benefit more if we profiled other types of cancer, as well as their treatments, their causes, and other aspects of the many health issues that fall under the cancer umbrella.

The broader scope has special significance for the staff of the Daily Press. Our publisher, David Compton, is himself a cancer survivor. In summer 2011, he was diagnosed with a rare but very aggressive type, but he and his doctors acted quickly enough that we’re pleased to say he’s been cancer-free since that time. David and his wife, Brianne, are strong supporters of efforts to bring cancer awareness to the forefront, and the newspaper itself joins them in their dedication.

Each week, then, will have a different theme. Oct. 8’s will be Diagnosis: Cancer, and for the Oct. 15 edition, we’ll take a look at treatments. Oct. 22 will focus on preventative efforts, and Oct. 29 will be dedicated to what happens after cancer, both survival and end-of-life issues.

Within these pages, you’ll see profiles on survivors and their families. We’ll explain the nature of cancer, and have reports on state-of-the-art treatments and local projects to promote education. We’ll tell you how to get low-cost mammograms, and preview the annual Relay for Life event. You’ll learn about treatments throughout history, and the most common types of cancer in this area.

We’ll also talk about cancer services offered by local medical facilities, and explain how changing your lifestyle can help you avoid cancer. We’ll reveal where to find survivors’ groups, and detail the challenges people in certain professions face when it comes to cancer. By the end of the month, you’ll know about equipment and supplies for survivors, how to get  your life back on track after treatment, and hospice care.

Set aside $2.50 to pick up a copy of the Press every Tuesday in October, and tell your friends. We care about our community and its health, and this is the best way we know how to help.