Tahlequah Daily Press

October 11, 2013

Help us salute military, veterans


TAHLEQUAH — For the past few years, the Tahlequah Daily Press has undertaken a special project for Veterans Day. We’ve been offering area veterans and military service personnel and their families a chance to shine a well-deserved spotlight on their service and sacrifice.

In today’s edition – and most days through Oct. 30 – we’ll have a form inside our pages; today, it’s on 5A. If you’re a member or veteran of the U.S. military, or know someone who is, we urge you to fill out the form as thoroughly and legibly as possible, and return it to us by the Thursday, Oct. 31 deadline.

You can include extra sheets of paper if necessary to give us the finer details of your story. We’d also love to have photos – either a current one of the veteran, or one taken during service, or better yet, one of each. If you mail your submission to us, the envelope should say: Tahlequah Daily Press, Military Salute, P.O. Box 888, Tahlequah, Okla. 74465. Or you can email to news@tahlequahdailypress.com; please mention Military Salute in the subject line. Either way, you should check with our multimedia editor, Sheri Gourd, to ensure we received it.

Newer members of the military are often hesitant to participant, thinking they don’t qualify. But we aren’t limiting our pages to those who have left the service; this is a project for all military personnel, active or retired. Matter of fact, families of veterans who are no longer with us are also encouraged to send in profiles, because even if it’s posthumous, they deserve recognition. Also, if you’ve been profiled before in this section, we urge you to submit your past material – or  update it, if need be.

About the only restriction is the military member or veteran must be from Cherokee County, even if he or she is deceased or no longer living here. We will edit for clarity, grammar, punctuation, spelling and to meet space limitations.

The Salute to Military will be published Sunday, Nov. 10, and if past trends are any indication, it will be one of our most highly-read supplements of the year. After it hits the racks, small-business owners often call us and say, “I can’t afford to do much advertising, but if I’d known about this, I’d have gotten involved!” Our account executives are standing by to help you honor these exemplary men and women.

If you have questions, call Sheri or Managing Editor Kim Poindexter. Help us make this our biggest Veterans Day supplement ever – and to tell the story of those who often don’t get to tell it themselves.