Tahlequah Daily Press

December 21, 2012

Christmas wishes home in on world peace

Special Writer

TAHLEQUAH — The rash of recent gun violence across the country, most recently the school shooting in Connecticut, has left many local residents with one simple Christmas wish this season: peace.

Local resident Jim Roaix has family in Connecticut, and recently got some disturbing news.

“I want the safe return of my 48-year-old nephew, Wayne, who has come up missing [in Connecticut],” said Roaix.

Taylor Murray’s thoughts are also with the families in Connecticut.

“I wish for peace for the world and peace for the nation,” said Murray.

Lela Stowers hopes for a Christmas without conflict.

“My wish is good relations for everyone, and peace,” said Stowers.

Elsie Morris echoed Stowers’ sentiment.

“I wish everyone would find peace, love and joy,” said Morris.

Barbara McAlister has global hopes for peace during the Christmas season.

“My Christmas wish is world peace,” said McAlister. “Also, that I can take some Cherokee students to Italy, land of beautiful music. Want to get a grant?”

While Pamela Meier hopes for peace, she’s also practical.

“I want world peace, of course,” said Meier. “And a new iPhone!”

With a pragmatic approach to peace, Julie Gilette believes accomplishing the goal starts with education.

“My wish is that we have required classes in high school on peaceful conflict resolution, which would include reflection and small group discussion,” said Gilette.

Sheila Unger Fritts believes she knows just what makes Christmas perfect.

“Peace, laughter and time, a holiday that’s not hurried, but every moment savored,” said Fritts.

Jennie Love prefers small, heartfelt gifts over expensive presents.

“I wish not for an elaborate gift,” said Love. “I would like a simple gift that came with genuine thought. I’ve grown tired of ‘things,’ and would like to know that I am ‘known’ well.”

Charles Deason, owner of the Redman Office Supply, hopes for good fortune to those who have little.

“I wish all the homeless people to be blessed somehow,” said Deason. “I wish  those who have would take a minute and think about helping those less fortunate.”

Blues singer Pat Moss said all he wants for Christmas is to know his family members are happy and well.

“And to break another record selling cars at Car-Mart this month,” Moss said.

NSU professor Brett Fitzgerald wants to win the $160 million lottery.

“And I want my child, and all children, to have a good Christmas. Christmas is about kids,” said Fitzgerald.

Family tops almost every list, particularly being together.

“My wish is for all my family to be together,” Pam Gosnell said. “They’ll all be home for a little while.”

Aly Bryan is missing her daughter who lives in North Carolina.

“My wish is to see her,” said Bryan. “It won’t be this Christmas, but I’ll see her soon.”