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June 12, 2013

Summertime skin requires special care

Special Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Have you ever noticed women whose skin seems ageless?

Not everyone with beautiful skin was born that way. Those who take good care of their skin extend their health and can enhance their beauty.

For generations, Merle Norman has been some women’s fountain of youth.

At Merle Norman, downtown, Kim McCully said the Miracle and Cleansing Cream are the best skin care products, and part of the original line.

“We have 90-year-old customers who have always used it and their skin is amazing,” McCully said.

All of the foundations and some of the moisturizers have sun screen, she said, and they carry a new moisturizer and foundation with broad-spectrum protection.”

One of her best beauty tips is never wear makeup to bed

“Don’t sleep with your makeup on, it traps all the dirt, oil and environmental impurities in your skin and makes your face break-out,” McCully said.

The cleansing cream is her favorite product because it takes all the make-up off easily and gives you clean, smooth skin, she said. A new lip conditioner has sun screen.

“It has no color and is good to wear to keep lips from getting sunburned,” she said.

With summer heat rays warming the days, and people wearing bathing suits and shorts, tans are considered necessary by many.

To get a head start on summer or maintain a tan, tanning salons offer skin care along with tanning beds at The Look and iHot, said manager of both, Nita Hoppis.

“The main thing about our salons is that we train clients to take care of their skin,” Hoppis said.

Everyone wants the darkest tan, she said, and the key is to have healthy skin to get your darkest tan.

“That means no reddening or pinking, so always use a tanning lotion,” Hoppis said. “Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.”

As a tanning consultant, before she came to manage The Look and iHot, she trained salon owners how to run their businesses and care for their clients.

“We’re not just here to put you in the bed and cycle people through,” she said. “The customer relationship is the priority here.”

That relationship includes teaching the clients to take good care of their skin. Skin type determines the time first visits to establish a base tan, she said. They only bump two minutes or less from the previous visit to get the base tan. The max tan time offered is 12 and 15 minutes.

“We do our best to really care for your skin,” she said. “One of the things most people don’t realize is 20 percent of your tan is lost if you do not use lotion while tanning.”

For the UV light to penetrate, the skin must have lotion on it.

“Without lotion, the sun or tanning bed has to work twice as hard to get you color,” said Hoppis. “Lotion moisturizes skin and opens it up. If I teach you how to get a healthy skin color, you’re going to pass that on. Melanin rising to the top of the skin is what gives you your skin tan.”

She trains the staff from International Smart Tan information.


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