Tahlequah Daily Press

January 27, 2014

Briggs School takes food service to next level


TAHLEQUAH — The Briggs School District recently unveiled its new food service management program.

For the past month, Briggs School has been partnering with Gourmet Solutions. The company brought a chef and registered dietitian to assist the Briggs cafeteria staff in new food and nutritional concepts.

“We want the best for our students and provide them with quality healthy choices,” said George Ritzhaupt, Briggs principal. “Gourmet Solutions is providing the training and expertise for us to deliver these nutritional choices.”

Since then, the cafeteria staff went from serving one to three entrees each day and has received over 1,000 new recipes that are now being implemented into their lunch program.

For the grand opening, the students were served fresh homemade pepperoni pizza, served by the slice, plus orange chicken, chicken quesadillas, steamed carrots, and sliced pears.

This meal also included a free salad bar for the students, which included spinach and salad mix, fresh baby carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower and taco bar including salsa and sour cream.

“With these changes, more students are eating and are complimenting the staff on how good the food tastes,” said Ritzhaupt.

This partnership with Gourmet Solutions is helping the Briggs School District get back to meals made from scratch and move away from heat-and-serve processed meals.

Gourmet Solutions specializes in K-12 nutrition.

 Their chefs and registered dietitians are available to train cafeteria staff in new cooking techniques and analyze menus to make sure they are compliant with USDA guidelines.

“This is a big change for the Briggs School District and we are excited to be on the cutting edge of child nutrition,” said Ritzhaupt.