Tahlequah Daily Press

February 25, 2014

Ross shares gospel in variety of settings

Special Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Pastor Sean Ross uses a variety of classes to teach the word of God to his congregation, whether at church, a nursing home or elsewhere.

“Our church is small and precious. We enjoy singing the old hymns, as well as new praise. We are looking to grow in the Lord and in his favor,” Ross said.

Ross, his wife, Keri, and three children, Destinie, Cody, and Jeremiah, have been at Tahlequah Bible Church for about five years.

“By the laying on of hands by Pastor Ric Garcia we began to walk by faith to help guide the congregation in the direction the Lord would have us to go,” he said.

April 6, 2008, was his very first day as pastor, a day he will never forget.

“As the word of the Lord was given to me – the story of Noah and the Ark – I knew that in some ways, he and I had a lot in common. We both had wholesome, loving and blessed families and neither one of us had very much experience building boats.”

But Ross knew that the Lord provided Noah with the skill necessary to perform just what the Lord wanted him to do, “and so I followed suit.”

He began by locating quality gopher wood to shape into huge cross-beams that would support interior framing and brace exterior hold boards against the pressures of the sea. The work was very time-consuming and far from easy.

“The shaping of these beams was something that I had never experienced before. It was a technique that the Lord had to reveal to me,” he said.

It became a most toilsome work, he said, but at last, there, a beam was finished. Forty more to go, and the time had come to cut another one. He remembers being hard of hearing, due to all the hammering and sawing.

“But the Lord was ever faithful to reveal, not only where I was struggling in progress of any particular project, but, how I could redefine, redevelop, and refine my skill to operate more efficiently and effectually with him. How great you are Lord,” he said.

Ross believes it’s important to gain a better understanding of love.

“To have the opportunity to identify whether your love is growing and becoming softer, brighter, more daring and more visible, or whether it has become more discriminating, more calculating, less vulnerable, and less available is a valuable way to spend your time,” he said. “This is a very important issue among the children of God, for your Christianity is only as real as your love.”

Ross said “Hard Road” is another ministry that has been very challenging.

“We grow and learn how to work effectually with the Lord in helping struggling families identify reoccurring financial and spiritual problems,” said Ross. “I think that we all struggle to one extent or another. But iron sharpens iron and faith comes by hearing.

For the past five years, Ross has enjoyed a ministry at Grace Living Center.

“It is a joy to hear their voices sing praises unto the king of kings and to watch their faces as they become excited at the word of God. Great joy is experienced in the presence of the Lord,” said Ross.

Ross is while looking for youth leaders for his burgeoning classes.

“We have had great results in the past years with youth consistently active, worshiping and praising the Lord,” he said. “We are a small church, but we are very excited. Our Vacation Bible School program was most spectacular last year, with approximately 19 children in attendance.”.

“The Armor of God” was the theme. Each child had the opportunity to experience the word of God.

“Our song was ‘On our Side,’ by Chris Tomlin,” said Ross. “The children began to step out of their shyness and into their boldness, dancing and worshiping the Lord; what an opportunity to experience.”


Tahlequah Bible Church, 107 S. Mission Ave., holds services as follows: Sunday school, 10 a.m.; Sunday worship service 11 a.m.; Sunday evening women’s meeting, 5:30 p.m.; and Wednesday evening, 7 p.m. For more information about Ross’ other ministries, call (918) 931-2388.