Tahlequah Daily Press

June 4, 2013

Neat patterns, nature fascinating to Cochran

Special Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Artistic inspiration is as individual and personal as the clothing the artist wears or the foods she eats. Art expresses an individual’s interests, passions and what captures the attention at any given moment.

For recent Tahlequah High School graduate Tiffany Cochran, certain aspects of nature or neat patterns are fascinating, and she always likes to try her hand at recreating or altering those things.

She typically likes to paint landscapes, especially mountains. As long as she can remember, she’s been making art, and she’s always been interested in art. Alphie Peniston was her first instructor, starting in 2006.

Cochran mostly works in acrylics. In the past, she’s enjoyed making pastels of hectic moments, paper mâché, and various styles of painting.

“I love the fact that I can make literally anything I want and capture ideas and emotions,” Cochran said.

In high school, she studied art with Anthony Amason.

“Or ‘Mr. Amazing,’ as many people refer to him,” said Cochran. “He was always very positive and equally encouraged experimenting with new styles of art and also perfecting your personal style. Mr. [Tony] Scantlin, at the middle school, used to tell me I was gifted and that I should never stop painting. Alphie Peniston, who was a private teacher, taught me many ways that I can show with different mediums exactly what I’m thinking or leave it up for interpretation. Alphie was my art teacher for four years.”

At the Arts on the Avenue fine arts festival this coming weekend, June 7-8 at the Cherokee Capitol Square, Cochran will be among the individuals showcasing art to be viewed, sold, or duplicated.

“Art is important to our culture, because it’s a nice way to capture thoughts, feeling, and events, or express emotions,” Cochran said. “It will tell future generations we are a very materialistic culture.”


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