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July 3, 2013

Swon brothers appear to have bright future

The Muskogee duo finished third on NBC’s “The Voice,” but they’re working on a record contract and concert dates.

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TAHLEQUAH — Muskogee’s Zach and Colton Swon faced some tough competition in NBC’s “The Voice” finale recently, and finished third to Danielle Bradberry and Michele Chamuel.

While the loss may have been disappointing to the brothers and their myriad fans, the duo earned the attention of Voice judge and country music sensation Blake Shelton, as well as Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer Bob Seger, which may pay off big in the long run.

Zach and Colton returned to Muskogee recently for some much-needed down time with friends and family, and reveled in the experience they had on “The Voice.” In the finale, the Swons performed with Seger.

“I looked over at him in the performance and just shook my head like, ‘You’ve gotta be kidding me. This isn’t even real,’” said Colton.

According to the young singer, Seger cleared the duo’s songs and video clips personally. Zach was impressed with the veteran’s attention.

“That’s a part of our journey we’ll never forget, singing with Bob Seger,” said Zach.

Shelton is also involved in the duo’s future. Zach indicated he’s been receiving texts from the performer, and that they have some big decisions to make.

“We just have to make some decisions,” said Zach. “Regardless, I know we’ll be on the road touring, maybe with someone with a bigger name, maybe just us for a while.”

After spending some time at home, the singers are now in Nashville, where they are working on a potential concert tour and record deals. Last week, a Twitter post indicated they have met with a certain degree of success.

“#Swoncerts coming soon can’t wait to meet you all on the road! Will announce tour dates ASAP!” states the feed.

The Daily Press polled its Facebook friends after the finale, asking their opinions on the outcome. Most agree the exposure was good for the pair, and their future seems bright.

Local resident Donna Dallis said her husband called the winning order before the finale, and she respects the judge’s decision.

“Danielle deserved to win; she delivered every time,” said Dallis. “Duos are doing well now and Blake hinted that he knows what is in the works. It will be fine for the Swon brothers.”

Area resident Gail Parks-Wyers may have an inside track to the Swons’ future plans.

“My son went to school with them and they keep in touch,” said Parks-Wyers. “Yes, they have great things in their future that are already in motion.”

Area resident Darcy Hicks said regardless of the outcome, the Swons are good for Oklahoma.

“I didn’t watch enough to even know the other contestants,” said Hicks. “It would have been great if the Swons did win. They are great ambassadors for Oklahoma. Regardless, their professional career is safe. They’ll land a big contract out of this.”

Local resident Gina Olaya also believes the singing duo are headed for the spotlight.

“Obviously, I am disappointed the Swon Brothers didn’t win; however, I think Blake Shelton will continue to help further their career,” she said.

Tahlequah resident Olga Hoenes participated in the voting, but also respects the final decision.

“I voted for the Swon brothers,” said Hoenes. “I’m sure there’s a record deal out there for them. Danielle was good, though.”

Local resident and former Daily Press Editor Lynn Howard said she watched for a while, but was disappointed.

“I do not watch reality shows of any kind,” said Howard. I bought into ‘American Idol’ briefly because of Carrie [Underwood] and I bought in a tiny bit because of the Swon brothers. I promise you that I will never, ever do that again.”

Toney McGee, also of Tahlequah, agreed with Howard.

“Daniell had a great voice, but she is only 16,” said McGee. “She could have used a lot more training and gotten a lot more experience. I was sad for the Swon brothers, but I am sure they have bigger things in store and will go on to be bigger and better.”

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