Tahlequah Daily Press

April 22, 2013

In defense of cops


TAHLEQUAH — In defense of cops

Editor, Daily Press:

One of my pet peeves is people talking about something as if it’s fact when they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. In response to Phyllis Wilfong’s letter to the editor, let me set the record straight.

First, Tahlequah police officers do patrol all neighborhoods routinely. In fact, if they’re not responding to a call, they are patrolling the streets of Tahlequah. When they receive a call, they respond. In other words, they always show up when they receive a call.

Currently our patrol officers work eight-hour shifts. During that shift, they do get time off to eat. Many times they do eat together. Usually while they are eating, they are talking about official police business. When they are not, the fellowship they have with one another is good for morale and unity.

Officers never ask for discounts, nor do they expect to get discounts. Some eating establishments do give discounts to show their appreciation to the police officers. Most people realize our officers are underpaid and risk their lives for us every day. Some people appreciate that and do what they can to show their appreciation to our officers. To say those who work at the eating establishments feel intimidated by the police, and that other diners receive less attention because officers are present, is ludicrous.

As far as the atmosphere changing in an eating establishment when officers are present, that is true. Everyone feels much safer when the Tahlequah Police Department is present. And many times, the children like talking to the officers. I know this to be true because I serve as a police chaplain for the Tahlequah Police Department. Our entire police department does a great job serving our community and protecting our citizens.

The next time you come in contact with anyone who serves at our police department, please let them know you appreciate them. A word of encouragement always helps, especially when there are  people in the community who say things they know nothing about.

Buddy Hunt, pastor

Tahlequah First Baptist Church