Tahlequah Daily Press

December 24, 2013

Let commissioner do his job


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

Thankfully we live in a part of the country that does not receive a great deal of winter weather. The recent snow and ice storm caused many of us to be inconvenienced for a few days.

I have known Mike Corn for most of my life and there is a reason he has been our street commissioner for several years: He is good at it. I highly recommend we step back and instead of beating Mike up, let him do his job. Buying snow plows at $23,000 each and using them maybe once a year does not make a lot of sense. Comparing Tahlequah to Tulsa and Muskogee does not make any sense, either.

We have a pretty good city government. Let’s let each department head do his job without knee-jerk reactions. We are all too aware of the personalities between the city and our street commissioner. This situation just provided some with an opportunity to go after Mike Corn one more time.

Jim Jolliff

Park Hill