Tahlequah Daily Press

September 6, 2013

Our country is in trouble

Readers' Forum

PARK HILL — Editor, Daily Press:

I think that we all agree our country is in trouble. Many think it is a Democrat problem. Many think it is a Republican problem. Many think it is a White House problem. Personally, I think it is a congressional problem. Congressman [Markwayne] Mullen was found on one of his first days in Washington on the wrong bus en route to the capitol. Apparently, he mistakenly had gotten on the Democrat bus. He was made painfully aware he was treading on some dangerous terrain. Are you kidding me??

Let’s imagine, just for fun, that I am a member of our illustrious Congress. My friend and fellow congressman, Joe, writes a beautiful piece of legislation that will solve several issues facing our country. I read the piece and I call Joe to tell him  I am so impressed with his idea. I let him know this simple act will solve several problems we face. Actually, it is brilliant. That is the good news. The bad news: I can’t vote for it. He is on the wrong side of the isle. Oh, well, better luck next time. Are you kidding me?

Have we outlived partisan politics? Our Congress votes in a new national health policy. This is going to fix a huge problem in our country. But, wait a minute, it has a few problems, so Congress decides this tremendous health bill is great, but not for them. When they reach 76, they want a policy that will treat them or their family for cancer, instead of receiving end-of-life counseling. It is good for us, but not good for them. Are you kidding me?

Oh, some think we need term limits. This will prevent some knuckleheads from making this legislative thing a career. But, that would be a bad thing and it will never get out of committee. Oh, come on! We already have a term limit in place that they cannot control. It is called the American vote. We are the term-limiters.  Last November, we had 22 members of Congress and the White House up for re-election. We returned 20 of them. Our system is broken, and we rehired the same team that hasn’t fixed anything for years. I once heard, “If you always do, what you have always done, you will always get, what you always got.” Are you kidding me?

... Let’s think about this. In the next election, not one incumbent wins re-election. Do you think this might get the attention of those who were not due for re-election? I think it would do wonders. This past November, our household did not vote for one incumbent. Was this effective? Obviously not. If I beat this drum loud enough and long enough, maybe a few will join me in turning this great nation around. Will the new members do the right thing? Let them know their position is on a probational contract.

... As we get closer to the elections, this drum will start reminding everyone what I think needs to be done. For heaven’s sake, I am not a political genius, just an American citizen who retired from the U.S. Navy and wants our country to be great again. If you agree, encourage me. If you think I have lost my mind, sound off in the editorial section of this paper and I will quietly go away.

Jim Jolliff

Park Hill