Tahlequah Daily Press

February 12, 2014

Open letter to Rep. Mullin


TAHLEQUAH — Dear Congressman Mullin:

I listened to your comments to an empty chamber in the House after having been introduced by the “gentle lady from Missouri,” probably one of the three other people in the room.

I challenge you to prove some of the comments you made in that “speech.”

Please provide facts about the Environmental Protection Agency harassing your grandfather Darryl (sp) over little things like feathers from his chickens.

To my knowledge, the EPA does not regulate poultry in Oklahoma unless the farms are CAFOs. I doubt your poultry operation was that large.

Poultry farms are regulated by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, not by the EPA or the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.

I’ve heard you remark before how you watched the water in Northeastern Oklahoma become polluted. Yet you attack the agency assigned the job of protecting our water.

I believe you also want to ignore the water quality damage done by production agriculture. The greatest water quality problem in the watershed you grew up in is caused by poultry farming.

I can prove my statements about this matter. Can you prove yours?

I realize your speech was an attempt to appear statesman-like in a very honorable surrounding. I have personally known some true Oklahoma statesmen such as Henry Bellmon, Dewey Bartlett, Bob LaFortune and Ed Edmondson. You, Mr. Mullin, have a long way to go.

As far as being knowledgeable about water resources and our environment, you have an even further way to go.

A statesman would respond to my questions.

Ed Brocksmith