Tahlequah Daily Press

February 28, 2014

City needs to clean house


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

Mr. Rountree should have made friends with council, especially the “council queen,” and then he would have gotten what he wanted. I’m surprised they were silent; they sure had enough to say against my speed bump. I was told they were friends with the person who didn’t want the speed bump.

Diane Weston is the only one who listens to what the people want. We are looking for replacements. We are tired of council using its power to create needless problems for the voters who believed their campaign promises.

Who voted for the police department to have tasers? Big mistake. They send a few to the ER. What happened to their legs that they didn’t catch a suspect? Get a scanner. Hear them say, “He’s getting away.” “Taser him.” It beats running.

I heard one officer say, “Get your a-- in the f------ back seat.” He didn’t know his radio was on.

Why doesn’t council concentrate on the city eyesores: trash, piles of brush and limbs, a yard full of campers at the corner State and Clay - people living in them? The top of the bridge on Fourth Street - what a sight! Handicap parking is not enforced. People are using grandpa’s tag; they can be bought on the street.

Recently I asked people how they feel about the police department. Nine out of 10 carry a gun to protect themselves; they don’t trust the P.D. anymore. Said they thought a change of chief would make a difference, but it’s back to the “good ol’ boy” system. An officer was fired recently, and rumor is, it was a personal problem between officers and dispatch. Chief told council he wanted him fired immediately.

When election time comes again, I believe folks will be more aware of the candidates’ honesty and what voters want in our city leaders – after this last group opened a lot of eyes – and not vote on friendship.

Phyllis Wilfong


Editor’s note: We, too, have asked people how they feel about the police department, and public opinion has improved since the last city election. Though there will always be folks who mistrust police and their tactics, our poll results are drastically different than Ms. Wilfong’s. That, of course, could change. Finally, this version of the reasons behind the terminated officer is just as Ms. Wilfong says: a rumor.