Tahlequah Daily Press

December 13, 2013

CARE Food Panty seeks aid


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

The Friday, Dec. 6 newspaper issue article on nonprofit agencies in Tahlequah left out a significant agency: The CARE Food Pantry. Cherokee County is not a wealthy county. About 20 percent of our population is classified as “food insecure.” In other words, if you don’t have the food on hand, you may miss a meal today.

Food stamps and commodities used to fill in these voids. However, Congress is so anxious to reduce expenses that they have taken a meat cleaver to these programs, rather than a knife. Food stamps have been significantly reduced. Commodities are still waiting to see what the next Farm Bill will contain. (Oil companies have not had any reductions on the perks they get.)

This means that people in Cherokee County are having to do without food on occasion. And that means the Food Pantry has to step in. We have seen a significant increase in the number of families coming to us for short-term supplies. This is causing stress on our budget. We spend most of our money locally.

People who would like to help us can do so in two ways. We can use canned vegetables and fruit to provide people with food. Checks or money are always welcome. We are on the bottom floor of the Professional Building at the corner of Muskogee and Downing. We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Tahlequah has always been generous to us. We hope that continues.

Jeannette Wilson, board member

CARE Food Pantry

Editor’s note: We agree the CARE Food Pantry is a very critical organization. There are dozens of worthy charities in Cherokee County, and since we had limited space in our story, the intent was to list a few options, not every charity in the area. We also were focusing on entities that might have special needs during the holidays; the Food Pantry ALWAYS needs food, and we urge people to donate generously, especially during the holidays.