Tahlequah Daily Press

November 27, 2013

Where’s a home for her family?


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

My name is Chrysta Braddock, and I’m a resident at the Stepping Stones rooming house. I’m a 15-year-old girl and I have been living here since I was 5 year old, off and on.

If I had nowhere else to go, I could call the Stepping Stones rooming house home.

The mayor has no right to close this place just because of two other people’s decisions to do an evil act. I now have a question: If he, Mayor Jason Nichols, is personally trying to help the people who live here, then how come the people who live here have never seen him even step foot on the property or even inside the building?

I have a best friend – we have been friends since seventh grade – named Kabresha Dodd, and she is also upset about this place shutting down, knowing that her best friend going on four years is going to be homeless if her mom can’t find a place.

There are pregnant women, and disabled military women and men here who call this place home.

If the mayor is personally paying money out of his pocket, how come I myself, my little 13-year-old brother Joseph Braddock, and my 46-year-old mother Stella Braddock, have not received a place to live?

If we are such a halfway house, as it’s being called, we are half inside the building and halfway on the streets.

Who is here helping us pack and helping find a place for all of us to live, because I sure don’t see the mayor himself helping us.

And if it was such a bad place, then why did they not close it down 20 years ago?

Chrysta Braddock


Editor’s note: Elsewhere in this edition of the Press, the mayor responds to some of Chrysta’s concerns.