Tahlequah Daily Press

September 9, 2011

CN holiday coverage?


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

Our newspaper has some wonderful articles, especially front-page articles and the human interest stories have won many awards. The paper has some of the best writers in the country.

For two days before the Cherokee National Holiday, the Thursday, Sept. 1 and Friday, Sept. 2 issues of the paper missed a very big chance to promote the holiday, especially on the front page. (I did find an article way back in the sports section, Page 7B on Friday.)

The holiday brings 90,000 to 100,000 (last count) extra people into our town. That not only honors our Cherokee people but it also presents much extra spending for our town (car gas, food, hotels, motels, etc.). It is the biggest event held in and around our town all year, so even though it is created by the Nation, it still connects very strongly with our town and who we are.

My opinion: Our paper seems to have lost some of that connection to the community. Many many local events are not covered by the paper. When asked, I have been told that your paper only presents events that are reported to you. I think everyone in town is aware of the holiday and that it is always Labor Day.

Judith Anderson


Editor’s note: Since late July, we’ve run 37 stories either about the Cherokee National Holiday or peripheral events. Among that number were a front-page preview the week before (previews should be done earlier than the day before an event so folks have time to plan); two editorials; a front-page staff-written story Friday, Sept. 2, plus three stories inside; four staff-written stories Sunday, Sept. 4, three on the front page and one on 3A; two front-page staff-written stories Tuesday, Sept. 6; and a followup Sept. 8. (We have no Saturday or Monday edition.)