Tahlequah Daily Press

January 29, 2014

Women should be commended


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

I don’t know this young woman is who is bringing charges against Roxie Wagers, but she is a hero.

It is not easy for her to testify on the stand. The easy thing would be to suffer in silence. Women who stand up against sexual predators are helping to protect other women. They are heroes, just as much as soldiers who put themselves in harm’s way for their country. Maybe even more so, because the combat veteran’s actions are universally lauded. The victim of sexual assault who presses charges is not often recognized. Her courageous actions go unnoticed by many.

Assistant District Attorney Joy Mohorovicic, who is prosecuting this case, is doing her job, which is very nice to see when so many in public office do not. When sexual predators know their victims will not keep silent and that the full force of the law will bear down against them, all of us are protected.

Thank you, courageous women.

George Fulk