Tahlequah Daily Press

August 7, 2013

Let’s tear down partisan walls


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:        

This is a response to Fred Gibson’s recent letter to the editor.

Let me start by saying that I like Fred. We even have breakfast and coffee together most Thursday mornings at Go Ye Village around 8 a.m. Come on out and join us for some discussion time.

It is because of many discussions I’ve had with Mr. Gibson that I found his letter amusing and in need of reproof. Let me start by saying the partisan barriers put in place by pieces such as he wrote are a big part of our political problems. All the “Us vs. Them,” “Blue vs. Red,” “Your Team vs. My Team,” nonsense needs to stop if we are going to see any positive changes. In particular we have to stop ignoring and sweeping under the carpet the problems and issues our “teams” have will bashing the other “team” in pieces such as Gibson wrote.

“Gratuitous attacks” on the president were mentioned, there is plenty worthy of attack on both sides of the political sphere, but I’m not sure which attacks being mentioned are of the gratuitous variety. Is it the critics about inaction on ending the wars while also getting us even more militarily involved around the world? Is it the critics about killing American citizens without criminal charges or due process? Is it the attacks about his flip-flop on protecting whistleblowers or his turn-around regarding government transparency? Maybe the gratuitous attacks are the ones about his continuation and expansion of Bush’s spying on American citizens that he, Pelosi, and most the Democrat leadership once railed against? I don’t doubt there are some unnecessary “attacks” on the president, but I’m not sure which ones Mr. Gibson is alluding to.

Mr. Gibson correctly shares Eisenhower’s warning regarding the military industrial complex, as well as Wall Street’s influence in D.C. I even share his concern regarding the influence those corporate interests hold on my own party’s leadership, particularly in D.C. He is right to warn about the moneyed interests and the plutocracy that is pulling the strings in this country, but he turns a blind eye to his party’s own entanglements with the same.

The Mitt Romney campaign had the same three top donors as the Obama campaign. Over the last decades, we see pretty much the same revolving door of Goldman Sach, JP Morgan, and similar moneyed interests appointed to government positions, regardless of the party in control. He can not really think Obama was a “common sense triumph over plutocracy” when Obama is buddies with and making use of the very same plutocratic interests in D.C.

Our nation is indeed at risk. It is so because we allow those plutocrats and special interests to divide and distract us by convincing us to play at such nonsense partisan politics instead of really discussing issues and holding our officials accountable. We are not going to see changes in “business as usual” if we only hold the “other side” accountable and then stop when “our side” does the same things.

No, we have to tear down these partisan walls and take off the partisan blinders if we are going to have an honest discussion and chance to make changes.

Shannon Grimes

Chairman, Cherokee County Republican