Tahlequah Daily Press

October 27, 2011

Many are seeing ‘red’


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

It was interesting to read Bob Gibbins’ coverage of the Democratic Roundup.

The speaker, Rob Wallace, had several provocative things to say.

First of all, he said that he used to live in a blue state that is now turning red. He should look to the “hope and change” that was promised and see why.

He also said that Republicans believe in letting the infrastructure take care of itself. He forgot to mention that the budget for maintaining our bridges, roads, parks and dams was removed by LBJ to fund his “Great Society” program some 50 years ago. We are now $15 billion behind in infrastructure maintenance.

This need was supposed to have been addressed with the first Obama stimulus. However, much of it was spent on bailing out the large banks and paying back the auto workers union. The debt is so high now that a second stimulus without significant cuts is not feasible.

Wallace said that complacency no longer works and Democrats need to fight this election cycle on their own issues. The problem is that their party leader has identified their issues with his “fundamental change of America.”

People have seen the direction that “hope and change” has taken our country, and indeed, many are seeing “red.”

Gary Gore


Editor’s note: It should be pointed out that the first “bailout” occurred under President George W. Bush; the subsequent one, under Obama. Congressional members of both parties supported these. Bailout money for the autmobile industry didn’t just benefit unions, but the multimillionaire industry executives as well. In any case, if Mr. Gore’s point is that the bailouts are despicable, it is is well-taken.