Tahlequah Daily Press

March 29, 2013

Easter remembrances


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

On Sunday, my family and I will join many Oklahomans and Cherokee citizens nationwide in celebrating the Easter holiday.It marks an annual day to share in the miracle of resurrection and enjoy the blessings of family, cherished friends, and community.

This holiday is a joyous time to celebrate our salvation, give praise to our heavenly father and be grateful for new beginnings. Jesus is a reminder that hope can find its way out of darkness and despair.

Even in these difficult economic times, a renewed sense of hope can be felt at the Cherokee Nation, as we work on issues vital to our people: health care access, new homes, more jobs and educational opportunities. Faith shapes our values, guides our work and gives our daily lives perspective.

As we celebrate this miracle, it is also important to remember our neighbors who may be struggling and give them the assistance and support they need to overcome their burden whether it be financial, emotional or spiritual.

Deputy Chief Joe Crittenden and I will use the day as reflection, to consider the tremendous sacrifices made for all of us to live the lives we lead. We will focus on the things that matter most in our lives: our family, loved ones, country and community. These are our links to the past and to history, but they are also our hope for the future.

On this Easter weekend, let’s celebrate the thread of humanity and compassion that connects every single one of us – Cherokee and non-Cherokee alike.

Let’s remember our military men and women, many away from their families at this time. Let’s remember humility and value the grace bestowed on us by the creator.

God bless you. I offer you best wishes for a Happy Easter from my family and Deputy Chief Crittenden’s family.

Bill John Baker, principal chief

Cherokee Nation