Tahlequah Daily Press

October 17, 2011

Land letter on point


— Editor, Daily Press:

Robert Land is right; there is no noise or speed control in our town.

I live on a short street. On each end, there is a 25 mph sign with “children at play” on it. But it’s an Indy 500, especially with the church people. They are in a hurry to get there, and in a hurry to leave.

I’ve called for an officer, but was told that the city does not have an officer to sit and watch for speeders.

So, Mr. Land, we have a better chance of seeing Big Foot than receiving help with noise and traffic problems. They walk in packs, prowling our streets at night, yelling, banging on signs and garbage cans. I don’t lose sleep over them, but they will lose sleep over me if they come in my yard.

When election time comes, let’s hope we get a better selection. The new mayor said there were going to be changes. There sure have been – changes for the worse! Weeds are higher, there is more trash, and on some streets, the bushes are so high and wide that you can’t see the traffic coming.

They said, “get a neighborhood watch.” What good will that do? As the chief told [Mr. Land], folks can do what they want. I think as long as he and his aren’t disturbed, forget it. Mr. Land, maybe our town and the people will get our respect back someday, instead of being ostriches.

Phyllis Wilfong