Tahlequah Daily Press

July 15, 2011

Wildlife area in peril


TAHLEQUAH — Editor: Daily Press

The Oklahoma National Guard and the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation has a “proposed” town hall meeting on Aug. 4, at 10 a.m. at Camp Gruber to announce the takeover of the Cherokee Wildlife Area.

Camp Gruber already maintains 33,000 acres and now wants an additional 31,360 acres. This means taxpayers will have to pay for new buildings and new fences to secure the 31,360 acres plus will lose access to the public areas used for horseback riding, hiking, camping, swimming, fishing and being able to see real wildlife animals.

Camp Gruber already maintains 33,000 acres with buildings and fences; is this not enough land that can be utilized and save taxpayers money? Plus the Cherokee Wildlife land will be destroyed in the Military Training activities.

Since this is a “proposed” meeting, there is no agenda yet and most people do not know what is happening to the land, and therefore will not be able to have time to attend the meeting.

Phyllis Milstead