Tahlequah Daily Press

March 11, 2013

Quacks like a duck


LOST CITY — Editor, Daily Press:

The Tahlequah City Council’s special meeting on Thursday afternoon, Feb. 7, shows how out of touch city councilors can get with appearances.

First, the council set aside $25 million for the $21.1 million the city expects to spend on the recent special election sales tax bond. Then, after many months of being tabled, the request from KiBois Transit System for $35,000, Councilors Maurice Turney and Linda Spyres voted in favor of a $20,000 donation, while Councilor Jack Spears voted against, instead desiring a larger donation.

It’s funny to see how fast the city council was to give NSU $1.5 million for the so-called community event center, and four of the eight road projects simply for the asking. But when it comes to transportation for our fellow citizens, they drag their feet and suddenly are overly concerned about the city budget.

I guess it’s gold for the greedy local bureaucracies, and crumbs – if anything – for the peasants.

The donation to KATS is seed money. It allows them to apply for many matching funds grants. KATS provides a valuable service for our community. They provide services for routine trips to the grocery store or doctor’s office, work routes, and other medical routes outside of Cherokee County.

Most importantly, it allows many citizens the ability to maintain an independent living lifestyle. What greater donation could Americans give to one another?

Councilor Spears said, “I may be a lame duck, but I’m a loud duck.” He also promised to bring a proposal before the city council, in the future, to increase the donation to KATS.

What a fitting swan song for a loud duck.

Phil Jones