Tahlequah Daily Press

October 9, 2013

Offer a solution, at least


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

My, my, my, aren’t the Tea Party and the 40 or 50 plutocrats who run that outfit just too full of themselves these days?

I would be far more impressed by the fatalistic stand against government and health care reform if they would present plans of their own outlining the government they want for America and explaining their version of what health care reform would look like.

Our pre-Obama plan is many times more expensive than any other health program in the world. It victimizes doctors, hospitals, patients and taxpayers alike; and it is far down the list when it comes to results.

Costly as it is, we are far from being the healthiest nation in the world.

As a starting point, I even went so far as to offer a health care reform proposal that removed the things right-wing extremists seem to object to in the Affordable Care Act and included the essentials that most people seem to want in a new health care system. That attracted all the enthusiasm of a dead rat on a birthday cake.

Even the Libertarians who are stuck in their “perfect world of impossible dreams” are mute when it comes to any sort of practical plan for cutting costs and making improvements.

How can anybody be expected to negotiate with fanatics whose only apparent interest is in fighting for power to overthrow democracy? They seem to have nothing to offer other than the mysterious “smaller government and lower taxes” mantra (lower taxes for plutocrats and government too small to challenge them). They campaign on demands for less regulation and greater freedom, but once elected, where are the lists of regulations they propose to eliminate?

Oh, I forgot. They did oppose the regulation of the international banks that caused the present economic meltdown and world financial crisis. It figures.

Fred Gibson