Tahlequah Daily Press

August 19, 2011

Hastings commended


TAHLEQUAH — Editor: Daily Press

I am writing this letter to express my immense gratitude for the care I have received, and continue to receive from the staff at W.W. Hastings Hospital. I visited their Emergency Room on a Saturday morning, with what I thought was a gallbladder attack. Dr. Franklin, the physician on duty, felt it was more than just a gallbladder attack and requested I be sent to Tulsa for further evaluation and testing. Sensing my hesitance, Dr. Franklin assured me it was for the best, to be certain what exactly we were dealing with. To my surprise, I found I was already into stage three of a very rare cancer, primary peritoneal cancer. Due to Dr. Franklin’s diligence and persistence in making certain I received the care I needed, I was able to start chemotherapy treatments immediately, and have now been classified in remission.

During my chemotherapy treatments, it became routine to visit W.W.H. emergency department due to illness caused by chemo, most frequently dehydration. I have been more than impressed with the care I have received. My oncologist has even commented how pleasantly surprised he was at how they took the initiative and went above and beyond what we ever could have expected.

I truly feel that W.W.H. emergency department played a huge role in my battle with cancer. During what has been the most difficult trial in my life thus far, they were a blessing to have on my side. I am very grateful to each and every member of their staff, who so often do not get the appreciation they truly deserve.

Shelly Rogers