Tahlequah Daily Press

June 2, 2014

Speed bumps in town not a deterrent


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

Speed bumps don’t slow them down; it’s a thrill to see how high you jump as you sail over them.

Why do they keep moving the speed bump between the armory and Choctaw? One day, it’s in front of the armory, then closer to Choctaw, then back to the armory. What a waste of manpower – another reason why Mike Corn can’t do his job. They are playing yo-yo with the bumps.

There’s one by the library; why? And two between Ross bypass and Greenwood. Why not at the school? They are all over town. Sequoyah grade school needs a bump worse than the armory.

At a recent council meeting, Police Chief Nate King said officers and he himself have been driving streets and talking to folks. What town was he in? Rare as hen’s teeth to see that action. They give out speeding tickets, which is a waste of paper.

My street was denied a bump. Said we didn’t need it.

Don’t call the police department about speeders. Dispatch said they don’t have manpower or time to watch for speeders. Where do they catch all the speeders who are in the paper? Maybe they speed by their “chow house” or local eatery?

Take a leisure drive, check out the streets, trash, brush. Which do we need worse: speed bumps, trash-free streets, or smooth roads?

Keep in mind when it’s re-election time.

Phyllis Wilfong