Tahlequah Daily Press

March 14, 2014

Having a stewardship omelet


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

Oklahoma has made another “chicken crap” decision to whore herself by falling into bed with Missouri and five other states in a lawsuit challenging California’s Egg Law.

I have tears in my eyes and disgust in my heart for the inhumane way we treat not just chickens, but other animals God so lovingly placed on this Earth – not to be separate from humans, but to be part of a system that allows us to survive together.

Let’s discuss this biblically. There are two creation stories; Genesis 1 and 2. In Genesis 1, we are told to be “stewards” and Genesis 2 tells us to “dominate.” Now in the long scheme of things, which story will allows us to have our morning omelets longer – being a good steward over our chickens or dominating them to extinction?

Billie Walker

Park Hill