Tahlequah Daily Press

May 28, 2014

In support of AT&T expansion


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

As a student of Northeastern State University, and recently accepted into the NSU School of Optometry, I want to weigh in on the importance of the Tahlequah City Council’s consideration of new cell sites in Tahlequah.

Over the past three years, my dependence on fast, wireless broadband access as a student has increased tremendously. The need for a faster, more robust network to access course work and research tools has never been more evident.

AT&T recently announced its deployment of LTE 4G broadband in Tahlequah. However, the speeds are significantly slower than those LTE speeds in other communities that I visit. Why should Tahlequah settle for less than the best possible service available?

In speaking to AT&T, I discovered that its network capacity in Tahlequah hasn’t been expanded in over 12 years. I was 6 years old then, and it isn’t a mystery to anyone that the world of technology has changed since then. The only answer to fixing the problem is additional infrastructure.

I came to Tahlequah to study because it was a small town with a big vision. To think that we could continue to have to experience sub-par wireless broadband speeds should be a concern for everyone. As the world continues to go wireless, a sturdy infrastructure is required. There is no other solution.

The Tahlequah council has a chance to build toward the future, and I hope it will do so by supporting AT&T’s application for expansion.

Randy Cox