Tahlequah Daily Press

November 23, 2011

Flip-flopping on issues


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

Shannon Goodsell, superintendent of Tahlequah Public Schools, apparently can’t make up his mind when it comes to giving taxpayer money to private organizations.

On Wednesday, Nov. 16, in a Tahlequah Daily Press article regarding the state voucher system for special needs students, Goodsell said: “First of all, I’ll preface some of my statements by saying I am adamantly opposed to any vouchers of any kind. What that is, by definition, is taking public, taxpayer money, and then giving it away to a private educational institution.”

So he’s not just opposed to giving tax dollars to private organizations, but adamantly opposed. Got it.

But, wait. According to the Press, on Oct. 21, when the Tahlequah City Council was discussing the possibility of raising the local sales tax to benefit the Tahlequah Boys & Girls Club, Mayor Jason Nichols said, “I’ve been assured by Shannon Goodsell that he has knowledge of various legal mechanisms that would allow the Boys & Girls Club to bypass the statutes that prevent the passage of public money to private organizations.”

Taxpayer money straight into the hands of a private institution? Isn’t that something Shannon Goodsell adamantly opposes?

I know, we should be used to politicians flip-flopping on the issues when it suits their needs, but come on!

Shannon Goodsell only seems to oppose taxpayer dollars going to private institutions when it means they will provide parental choice in education and potentially take money out of the hands of his public school district. Otherwise, he is perfectly fine with using, as Mayor Nichols put it, “legal tricks to get around the intent of the law.”

Sounds like hypocrisy to me.

Tavia Fuller Armstrong