Tahlequah Daily Press

November 12, 2012

Supporting Sequoyah


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

I just have a word or two to all of your people who have been whining because you lost your job at Sequoyah High School. I look back to when the ex-chief took over. He did the same thing, but he said he had a better-educated superintendent and principal, because he wanted the school to be modern like the regular white man’s schools. There wasn’t anything wrong with the principal we had. It was Leroy [Qualls]. He’s pretty good and tried to do all the right things for an Indian boarding school.

Everyone has their way and it’s not all pleasing to everyone. Speaking of pleasing, whoever is behind all the trouble that has been caused for our boys should be ashamed of themselves. Our boys have worked hard to earn the district championship. To have a bunch of “superior” idiots tell them they can’t be champ is bull.

You can bet some of the past administrators and elected officials had these kids in camp, and it was paid for by the school. But now that they are not head honchos, it’s time to complain and hurt 12 boys and the whole team that have poured their hearts into this football season.

The OSSAA hurt the school by taking one gold ball away and now they say it was a mistake. They didn’t want to be proved wrong, even when every school in Oklahoma has done something to send kids to camp to get more training to improve, so they may stand a chance at a better and higher education. But, no, the OSSAA has got to shut down the top winning boys in the district. It just so happens they are Indians. Why don’t they let these boys play ball and enjoy the gift God gave them: ability to be a family and work together?

Sequoyah is a fine school. My children went there and I worked there for years. I loved it and I loved the kids. They are greatm and you know any kid can get a good education if they want it. I believe the kids at Sequoyah are doing just that. Just leave that alone and let them learn and grow to be productive citizens. They are our future leaders. God bless them and love them. I do. I try to forgive the adults who want to cause trouble for our children. Shame on you. You know who you are.

Mae Smith