Tahlequah Daily Press

February 5, 2014

Era of Beltway integrity over


TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

I think the historical era when we would expect honesty or integrity from our elected leaders in Washington, D.C., is over. Furthermore, I don’t think there is anyone we can send to D.C. who will make a difference. Even if the Oklahoma congressional delegation were comprised of the founding fathers themselves, they wouldn’t be able to fix it. No matter who we send, with D.C. being the way it is now, they will be corrupted, marginalized, ostracized, or just not enough.

With that in mind, I think we should stop trying to send our best and brightest to D.C. at all. Now, some will say, “Send our best and brightest to D.C.? What a novel Idea. We should try that.” And there is some merit in that argument. We may not be in this predicament if we’d been doing that, along with everyone else in the other 49 states.

But what I mean is this: Think of a person you know very well. The wisest, most honest person of integrity, fairest, most loving and caring, most responsible, hard-working, humble, godly, family-oriented, wittiest, and smartest person you know. Imagine that person coming to you and saying, “I want to use my strengths and my talents to help more people. How can I do that?”

May I suggest that you do NOT tell them to run for U.S. Senate? Do NOT tell them to run for the U.S. house of representatives. Do NOT recommend they get a job with the federal government – in ANY capacity, including the military. Do NOT recommend they join the U.S. military. Under no circumstances should you suggest any of these things.

Instead, tell them they should run for governor of Oklahoma, or state house, or state senate, county commissioner, attorney general, state superintendent, county sheriff, mayor, street commissioner, or school board – anything within the Oklahoma borders. If they aren’t interested in anything like that, suggest they become a police officer, or a firefighter, or join the state militia, the Oklahoma National Guard. If they still don’t like those things, tell them they should start a business and create jobs, or become a teacher.

Because, when the proverbial poo hits the fan – and it will – we don’t want our best and brightest stuck halfway across the country in D.C., or worse, stuck halfway around the world fighting a war. When that happens, we want our best people here.

Josh Hutchins