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October 4, 2013

CN history repeating itself

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TAHLEQUAH — Editor, Daily Press:

Bad things happen when bad people are in charge.

Cherokees should remember the financial mess in the 1990s, snipers on rooftops during Cherokee National Holiday, Sequoyah as the “school of last resort” and BIA intervention when Joe Byrd, Joe Crittenden, Bill John Baker, Charles Head and Chuck Hoskin were in power.

The Cherokee people finally rose up and swept them all out of office or at least reduced their power and influence.

A decade of unparalleled peace, prosperity, and growth in the Cherokee Nation followed under effective leaders who cared about and served the CN citizens.

Unfortunately, history has a way of repeating itself when folks forget or never learned from the first time. And, today, there are many new Cherokee voters who were children when the late 1990s Cherokee Constitutional Crisis occurred.

Byrd, Crittenden, Baker, Head and Hoskin have become prominent again as the Nation suffers and factions grow farther apart.

Cherokee children are being taken by outsiders, Sequoyah Schools declining, unemployment rampant, programs for those in need lacking funds and false claims of financial prosperity are happening because of the current administration.

Promises are not being kept, homes are not being built and health care construction plans we cannot fund are today's reality for Cherokees.

The current “leaders” and their families, donors, and cronies are lining their nest eggs at the expense of the Cherokee people. There is no respect for the Cherokee Nation laws nor Constitution, transparency or cooperation in our government.

... I hope the Cherokee People wake up before it is too late. Our sovereignty may not even survive the first four years of bad people and their bad leadership.

Geary Don Crofford


This letter was edited to conform with legal standards as it contained statements the Press could not readily verify.