Tahlequah Daily Press

July 1, 2014

Suspect tries to empty bowels in cruiser

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Sheriff’s deputies say a Peggs man put up a struggle and tried to have a bowel movement in an officer’s patrol vehicle after he was arrested last week.

Deputy Bryan Qualls was patrolling near Littlefield Slab, in northern Cherokee County, on June 27 when he noticed an all-terrain vehicle traveling on the road. Qualls stopped the ATV and began to speak with the driver and passenger.

Qualls said 40-year-old Craig David Allen, the passenger, was drinking a beer and had a bottle of vodka next to him. Allen allegedly became agitated at Qualls, and when he got out of the ATV, stumbled. Allen was arrested for public intoxication, and Qualls impounded the ATV.

During a search of the vehicle, Qualls said, he found a pipe with a burnt residue near Allen’s seat.

Qualls said he then began to transport Allen to the Cherokee County Detention Center, but during the trip, Allen became “very disruptive” in the back, and was able to slip his hands in front of his body and unbuckle his seat belt. Allen then began to kick the protective cage on Qualls’ truck.

Qualls stopped his truck and tried to get Allen buckled back into the seat belt, but by the time Qualls opened the door, Allen was “on his back with his feet [on] the roof of my vehicle with his pants pulled down,” the deputy reported.

“Allen was attempting to defecate on the back seat of my patrol vehicle,” Qualls wrote in his report.

Allen slid to the other side of the truck when Qualls tried to grab him. Qualls said he went to the other side, an

d Allen again slid away. The deputy eventually used his pepper spray on Allen and pulled him out of the truck. Other officers arrived and helped get Allen restrained.

Allen was booked into jail for resisting arrest, public intoxication, possession of paraphernalia and transporting an open container of 3.2 beer. Booking records show he was released June 28 on bonds totaling $2,675.