Tahlequah Daily Press

April 3, 2013

Brothers arrested in wake of dispute with neighbors

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Two brothers were arrested this week when they allegedly brandished firearms after a dispute with neighbors.

Deputies said the incident was part of an ongoing dispute. Arrested were 18-year-old Bradley Russell Collett and 20-year-old Dustin Wayne Collett.

Bradley was booked into the Cherokee County Detention Center on charges of reckless conduct with a firearm, resisting arrest, and obstruction, while his brother Dustin was booked for reckless conduct with a firearm, carrying contraband into a penal institution, and obstruction.

Deputy Charles Dreadfulwater’s report of the arrests indicates he was sent to East 757 Road, where neighbors of the Colletts had stopped the brothers because they were allegedly driving at a high rate of speed down the shared road on which they live.

Neighbors told deputies they asked the boys to slow down because children play on the road. Bradley allegedly became upset when confronted, began to “mouth off,” then sped away with his brother.

Witnesses said the Colletts were later seen walking toward the neighbors’ residence. Deputies were told Dustin was carrying a shotgun and Bradley was carrying a pistol on his hip. Deputies said it appears the two brandished the guns in an attempt to intimidate their neighbors and promote a sense of fear.

Dreadfulwater later approached Bradley, who had locked a gate that would prevent neighbors from getting to a barn and vehicle. The property owner reportedly told the deputy she wanted the gate unlocked.

Bradley Collett allegedly refused to unlock the gate when Dreadfulwater asked him to do so several times. Dreadfulwater then climbed the gate to arrest Brad-ley, and had to force him to the ground when Bra-dley tried to resist.

Dreadfulwater said he took a key from Bradley and unlocked the padlocked gate.

Dustin Collett and his mother later began walking toward Dreadfulwater and Bradley, after Brad-ley yelled out to them, and Dreadfulwater told them to go back to their house.

Dustin allegedly told the deputy he couldn’t arrest his brother, and refused to leave the area when he was told to do so. Dreadfulwater said he then arrested Dustin.

The Collett brothers were taken to the Cherokee County Detention Center, where officers allegedly found a small amount of marijuana in Dustin’s possession during the booking process.

Dreadfulwater said that Dustin denied the marijuana had been in his possession until he was told the booking process was caught on camera, at which point he clammed up.