Tahlequah Daily Press

July 13, 2013

Vandalism of surveillance cameras lands man in jail

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Police arrested a local man Wednesday afternoon for vandalizing surveillance cameras at the city’s skate park.

The cameras were damaged last Saturday, but Tahlequah Police Sgt. Jason Girdner said he came across 20-year-old Keeton S. Moore Wednesday afternoon near Choctaw and Park Avenue. Girdner said Moore looked similar to the suspect who had damaged the city’s cameras last weekend, so he stopped to talk with the man.

Moore was wearing a white, flat-billed hat with a logo on it that looked like the one worn by the suspect in the city’s surveillance footage. Girdner also said Moore had similar mid-length brown hair, and was carrying a skate board that looked like the one used to damage the cameras.

Moore was shown photos the police department had been provided from the city’s footage, and allegedly admitted he was the man in the footage. He reportedly told police he threw a skateboard at the cameras but didn’t realize he damaged them. He also allegedly said he was drunk when he threw the skateboard.

According to Girdner, Moore was arrested and found to be in possession of a glass pipe, which he claimed was used to smoke incense.

Girdner took possession of the pipe, but booked Moore only on the charge of destruction of private property, according to a report of the arrest.