Tahlequah Daily Press

April 11, 2014

Domestic flap lands man and his ex in jail

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Two Cherokee County residents bonded out of jail this week after a home burglary led to a gun being pulled, sheriff’s deputies said.

Deputy Jarrick Snyder’s report says authorities were called to Manard Road to investigate an assault supposedly involving a gun. Snyder said he arrived and was met by Cindy M. Scott, Justin L. Scott, and Tina Gordon, all of whom were outside of the home.

Cindy Scott, 36, of Welling, told Snyder she arrived at the home of her ex-husband, Justin Scott, 36, of Fort Gibson, to retrieve some items. The door was locked, so Cindy Scott decided to kick it in, she allegedly told deputies.

When she went inside the home, Justin Scott was asleep, and Gordon was also in the home.

Gordon told deputies she didn’t know Cindy Scott, so she retrieved a pistol because she was scared. Gordon said she was then assaulted by Cindy Scott, who struck Gordon in the face and refused to leave. Justin Scott later awoke, and Cindy Scott went outside of the home.

Justin Scott told deputies he followed his ex-wife outside and told her to leave, but she refused. Justin Scott later picked up a chain and shattered a window on his ex-wife’s vehicle, and she called 911.

Deputies arrested Cindy Scott for first-degree burglary and assault. Justin Scott was booked into jail for destruction of private property.

Booking records show Cindy Scott was given a total bond of $3,500, while her ex-husband was given a $1,000 bond. Formal charges have not been filed.