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June 27, 2013

Summer hairstyles deserve special treatment

Special Writer

TAHLEQUAH — In the summer, it can be a challenge to keep hair looking its best, considering the heat and humidity in eastern Oklahoma.

The salon stylists say most of their patrons are asking for short cuts or blond coloring. It seems people are always polarized, some preferring their longer locks and others ready for a short cut that’s easy to take care of.

Deciding on a hair cut often leaves people unsure of exactly what to do, while others come in with a photo or other inspiration. A new movie star sporting a unique hair style can prompt interest for some, while other people look through hair fashion magazines or defer to their stylist to suggest what cuts will flatter their faces.

Cyndi Tucker, owner of Cyndi’s for a little more than three decades, has seen hair cuts and styles come and go and come back again.

“We always do a lot of blond in the summer time and a lot of soft curls,” Tucker said.

The humidity causes a lot of frizz, said one of her stylists, Joy Jackson.

“We do a lot of blow outs, a chemical process where we iron keratin and protein into the hair for people who want no frizz or curls, she said. “It usually lasts six weeks.”

Most of Jackson’s clients want to keep their length, she said.

For those with longer locks, braids, pony tails and top-knots are popular.

“Anything to get it up off their shoulders,” said Jackson. “We are not doing so many cuts right now, but some want pixies or bobs. We do a lot of color here.”

Blond and red are the most requested colors, and for the younger kids wanting a strand of purple or green, Jackson said they send them to Sally’s Beauty Supply to get an extension, and then put it in, she said.

As for the length of hair, it varies by person.

“Some like it short and others like it long. Everyone has a different face shape,” she said. “Hair cuts can depend on the right jaw line. Someone with long hair around their face makes them look older.”

When a cut or style doesn’t look right on a client, their stylist should be the one to recognize it.

“We want our clients to look their best when they leave here,” Jackson said.

Identities stylist Stacey Brown said hair extensions are popular.

“Clients are asking for extensions in natural colors, something that will last,” Brown said. “We put them in strand by strand and it adds 18 to 22 inches to the length.”

Everybody else wants short cuts, Brown said.

“The Hombre is popular now, dark on top then fading to blond on the ends,” she said. “And we’re doing a lot of highlighting, beachy, summer blond and platinum blond.”

Short, straight-across bangs are in, and there are a lot of trends going on, she said. A popular cut right now is the one Julianne Huff wore in the movie “Safe Haven,” a choppy bob or choppy A-line bob. They’re also doing a lot of pixie cuts.

At Studio 22, stylist Rachel DOB’s said they do a lot of color and highlights for people wanting lighter blond, a sun-kissed look.

A lot of kids in high school who can’t have color during the school yea, are wanting pink, purple and blue peek-a-boos, she said.


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