Tahlequah Daily Press

November 27, 2012

Men jailed for assaulting woman

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Two Hulbert men were arrested last week for allegedly being involved in the assault of a woman whose wrists and ankles were bound with rope.

David Dewaine Glenn, 48, is accused of assault and battery and false imprisonment, while Kevin Michael Glenn, 32, is accused of being an accessory to assault and battery and false imprisonment.

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Investigator Gary Cacy was called to the Hulbert Police Department last Wednesday to speak with the alleged female victim of the assault. She told Cacy that the Glenns had been drinking with her at a bar near Taylor’s Ferry the previous Monday. She said she was “buzzed” when she went home, and can’t remember how she got there.

Once at the home, David Glenn allegedly asked to borrow $20 from her. The woman said she denied giving him the money because the money she had was needed to pay her bills. She told Cacy that David Glenn then stood up and punched her in the left eye. The woman reportedly lost consciousness, but later awoke as David Glenn continued to punch her while sitting on top of her. She told the investigator that Kevin Glenn was kicking her at the same time.

She said both men then tied her up by the wrists and ankles and threatened her life.

The woman said she later awoke and was able to free herself from the rope and flag down a passing motorist for a ride. Cacy said the woman had visible injuries when he spoke with her two days after the alleged assault.

Cacy said the Glenns were located Wednesday at the bar near Taylor’s Ferry and were both arrested for unrelated warrants from Cherokee County.

Kevin Glenn allegedly denied his involvement in the assault of the woman and in tying her up, but did say he was present. Cacy said David Glenn admitted he punched the woman in the face and slapped her “a few times,” and also that he took her to the ground and tied her up.

David Glenn’s version of the incident differed from the female victim’s, according to Cacy. David Glenn reportedly said the three were drinking at a bar and the woman began to act inappropriate, so the Glenns took her home. She continued to be “out of control and crazy” at the home, and got into an argument with David Glenn.

David Glenn told Cacy he wanted the woman to go to bed and sleep off the alcohol, but she wanted to leave, so he tied her up by the wrists and ankles because he was afraid for her safety if she were to leave the house. He also allegedly told the investigator that Kevin Glenn retrieved the rope used to tie the woman, but said he was able to tie her by himself, without Kevin Glenn’s help.

Court records show David Glenn has previous charges in Cherokee County for manufacture of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute, and public intoxication.

Kevin Glenn has previously been charged with knowingly concealing stolen property, endeavoring to manufacture a CDS, domestic abuse-assault and battery, and driving under the influence.