Tahlequah Daily Press

February 18, 2013

Burglary suspect caught on camera

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Sheriff’s investigators and a Cherokee County resident are crediting a game camera for helping pinpoint the suspect in recent home burglaries.

Cherokee County Sheriff’s Capt. Bob Sanders arrested 31-year-old Cindy Shroff last week on charges of knowingly concealing stolen property and burglary.

Sanders said a Keys resident’s home was burglarized about two months ago, so the homeowner installed a game camera, commonly used by hunters, near his residence.

When his home was again burglarized recently, the camera captured several photos of a woman – later determined to be Shroff – breaking into the home and carrying items out.

The photos depicted Shroff in a purple, hooded shirt, and also partially showed the dark-colored sports car she was driving, Sanders said.

An off-duty sheriff’s deputy saw that vehicle Wednesday near Welling Road and State Highway 51. Deputy Dexter Scott responded, stopped the vehicle, and detained Shroff until Sanders arrived.

Sanders said Shroff was wearing the same purple, hooded shirt she’d worn when last burglarizing the home in Keys. Shroff first denied knowing anything about the burglary, according to Sanders, but later admitted she committed the act.

Shroff also admitted she had burglarized the home about two months ago, then sold a TV at a pawn shop in Muskogee.

Sanders said Shroff knew the victim’s father previously lived in the home. She admitted she broke into the house several times when the victim’s father was living there. When the homeowner’s father found out about her burglarizing his home, he forgave her, according to Shroff.

Sanders said Shroff admitted she needed money when she committed the burglaries, and partially used the funds to support a drug habit.