Tahlequah Daily Press

April 30, 2013

Travel trailer blaze blamed on meth

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Members of the District 27 Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force are investigating a travel trailer blaze that sent a volunteer firefighter to the hospital.

Christopher Kile, 40, was arrested by task force investigators last week for endeavoring to manufacture and second-degree arson. Investigators said Kile has a number of previous arrests on drug-related charges.

Members of the Spring Valley Fire Department were called to a travel trailer on fire just off Grace Hudlin Road last week. After extinguishing the blaze, one of the department’s firefighters suffered a skin reaction, which investigators believe was a result of inhaling chemicals in the trailer.

The firefighter was taken by ambulance to a Tahlequah hospital, treated, and later released after being monitored by medical personnel.

Investigators received a search warrant and entered the trailer, where they allegedly found remnants of a methamphetamine lab.

According to investigators, the owner of the trailer was working in Muskogee when the fire erupted. A family member of the homeowner claimed Kile, a neighbor, asked for permission to manufacture some meth inside the trailer while the homeowner was gone. The family member of the homeowner gave Kile permission to do so, with the promise that he would share the meth, investigators said.

Kile allegedly began cooking meth in the trailer, and a fire broke out. Flames damaged much of the suspected meth lab, but investigators said they recovered a bottle with a blue liquid; a plastic bottle that had melted in the carpet; 10 blister packs labeled as pseudoephedrine; a 2-liter plastic bottle with a clear liquid; an open box of instant cold-compress; multiple coffee filters; Coleman fuel; and other items commonly used to manufacture meth.