Tahlequah Daily Press

December 27, 2013

Hulbert marks progress in 2013

Staff Writer

HULBERT — During 2013, the city of Hulbert undertook a number of civic projects and organized events to enhance civic pride.

Work on utilities and the municipal park is under way, and the city purchased vehicles and received donations of others.

“Nobody with the city wants to sit still,” said Hulbert Mayor Shirley Teague. “Everyone wants to keep moving forward.”

The city has begun a new sewer project along Sixth Street.

A number of lots were purchased behind the shop building. Equipment belonging to the city will be moved off Main Street and onto the lots.

“We are ready to get that done – move the equipment off Main Street,” Teague said. “We think it will make the street look so much better.”

Purchases by the city included an all-terrain vehicle, and a Chevrolet Tahoe for the police department. A second ATV was loaned to the city for a year. The Cherokee Nation also donated a second Suburban to the HPD, bringing its total to three.

As part of the Grand River Bridge project, Hulbert has relocated the gas lines that ran beneath the structure.

“We also had a city election, and Kenneth Fore was voted in,” Teague said. “I think he is doing a very good job. He thinks things through, is very conscientious, and wants what is best for the city of Hulbert.”

Celebrations were also part of Hulbert’s successful year - capped by the Christmas Parade on Dec. 14.

“I was very pleased with the parade,” Teague said. “It was every bit as spectacular and well-attended as last year’s. It shows that this small town can really get together and make something happen.””

Hulbert was the site of two 5K runs this year - one sponsored by the First Baptist Church, the other - Amanda’s Run - named in honor of Amanda Shankle, a Hulbert High School student claimed by leukemia in 2012. Amanda’s Run proceeds were used to place open shelters over the picnic tables behind the school.

In August, Hulbert and NEOHealth teamed to put on a block party.

“The ‘block’ was right there on the Main Street of Hulbert,” Teague said. “That was another big success that drew so many people.”

Construction is also under way around town. A new shelter was installed at the park with the help of Lake Region Electric Cooperative. Water has been added to the park shelters, and electric lights are being installed. Trees have also been planted.

In 2014, the city is asking voters to approve a one percent increase in sales tax.

“We are adding on to the fire station and it will have a safe room that can hold about 35 people,” Teague said. “If the sales tax increase is passed, we will use money to pay for the work at the fire department and make improvements at the park. We want to add a splash pad.”

The old volleyball court at the park has been removed, and plans are in place to replace it with a new court.

For information about city projects, call Hulbert City Hall at (918) 772-2165.