Tahlequah Daily Press

December 31, 2013

Eyeing the new year

Many locals are resolving to cherish the small things, eat better, work out more and lose weight

Special Writer

TAHLEQUAH — It’s New Year’s Eve and people are making plans to celebrate. Some have reviewed the past year and have determined ways to make improvements. For others, each day is to be celebrated.

Perhaps the bestway to begin the new year with is gratitude.

Felicia Olaya intends to enjoy each and everyday because, in the words of her mother, the late Wilma Mankiller, “Every day Is a good day.”

Bringing joy, beauty or peace into the world is an attribute to which many people could aspire.

“[I plan] to sing more,” said Angela Snyman, “because it makes you happy.”

Northeastern State University music major Tyler Acord plans to practice the piano more.

“It’s a challenge,” he said.

He would ultimately like to learn the cello.

Michelle Robinson is resolved to be more joyful. Teresa Snyman is also planning to appreciate life more.

“[I’m going to] enjoy the new year by counting my blessings,” said Snyman.

Kimberlyn Wilkie has a plan to save money.

 “I just opened a Christmas Club account at Arvest Bank,” said Wilkie.

Several people have given up making resolutions, or just never them to eliminate guilt or being disappointed.

“I’m just going to break them anyway,” said Jamie Gragg.

Allen Scroggins never makes them, so  he won’t disappoint himself in the future.

Leigh Anna Foster sets goals, but doesn’t make New Year’s Resolutions.

“I have to stick to resolutions, but goals I can make anytime and keep them,” Foster said.

Weight, fitness and diet always find their way onto the New Year’s resolution list.

“I’m going to get in shape this year by changing portion sizes and doing some kind of exercise,” Ryan TInsley said, “I found out just buying exercise equipment doesn’t help you lose weight. I hang clothes on it.”

Angela Tinsley, Ryan’s wife, wondered aloud what sort of shape her husband would choose, and then laughed.

She alrelady has a healthy lifestyle, she said.

“I heard a good quote on E-Entertainment from David Hasslehoff, in Baywatch, ‘it’s easier to stay in shape than get in shape,’ said Angela.

She has limits on what she eats, two pieces of pizza or one plate of food, no seconds.

Rhonda Sams is inspired to get in shape, too.

“I want to lose weight so I’ll look good on by Sea-doo this summer,” Sams said. “I already started working out with weights and I’m going to increase that.”

Cheere Walker plans to make changes to her diet.

“[I’m planning on] not eating fast foods as much and making healthier dinners at home,” she said. “Maybe if I pay for a gym membership, I’ll go.”

Eating healthier and getting in shape for Chandra James, means eating out less and eating more vegetables and fruits.

“I just joined Cross Fit Tahlequah and it’s awesome. I love it,” James said. “It’s really good for everyone at any age or level of fitness, you can do everything.”

He calls it an old cliche, but Paul Center has also pledged to lose weight.

“I’m going keep up with the healthy eating I started this year. I try not to exercise, it makes me tired,” said Center.