Tahlequah Daily Press

January 14, 2013

Area teen jailed for stabbing his father


TAHLEQUAH — A Cherokee County teenager was arrested Thursday after allegedly using broken glass to stab his father during an altercation.

Deputies said the 16-year-old boy became angry while talking with his mom and dad. The boy later walked to his room and threw a pair of scissors at an antique mirror, breaking it.

The boy’s father followed him and started to approach him, but deputies said the teen began hitting his father in the face with his fists and then began to wrestle with his dad. The boy eventually grabbed a piece of the broken mirror and started stabbing his father in the face and neck, and also tried to jab him in the eyes.

Deputies said the father started hitting the boy in the face in an attempt to defend himself, and the two eventually were separated.

According to authorities, the boy suffers from some type of mental issue and had not been taking his required medications.

Juvenile services authorized the teenager’s arrest by deputies, and he was later transported to a juvenile detention facility in another part of the state, deputies said.