Tahlequah Daily Press

December 18, 2012

Officers pursuing alleged stalker

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — An arrest warrant was issued Monday for a Muskogee man accused of stalking a woman and forcing his way into her home.

Samuel A. Reed Jr., 19, was charged in Cherokee County District Court on Monday with first-degree burglary, stalking, and resisting an officer.

Reed was introduced to the victim about a year ago when the two attended Connors State College in Warner, according to Tahlequah Detective Chris Boals’ report.

Reed and the woman became platonic friends, but Reed allegedly made sexual advances toward the victim while the two were watching a movie one day. The woman pushed Reed away and he left angry, according to Boals. Since then, Reed has allegedly been infatuated with the woman and has been stalking her.

The woman moved to Tahlequah but received several calls and text messages from Reed, who sometimes called 10 to 15 times per hour, she told Boals. In text messages allegedly sent to the victim, Reed said the two would be together, that the victim was going to have his babies, and that even if she didn’t know it, she was going to be happy. Reed told the woman he would find her wherever she went, the victim told Boals.

The alleged victim told Boals she repeatedly asked Reed to stop harassing her, and he finally left her alone for about two months.

On Nov. 7, the victim began to receive text messages from someone whom she believed was an old friend.

She eventually invited the friend to her home in Tahlequah, but learned she had actually been talking to Reed, who was portraying himself as the victim’s friend, Boals said.

Reed showed up at the victim’s home and forced himself inside, according to Boals’ statement.

The two fought back and forth, and after the woman locked Reed out, he began to sing love songs to her until police arrived and arrested him for public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Two days later, Reed again showed up at the victim’s house and began knocking on her door. Police were called and Reed again sang love songs to her until officers arrived.

Boals said he has attempted to contact Reed by telephone but has not been able to reach him.