Tahlequah Daily Press

September 21, 2012

Holcomb seeks third UKB term


TAHLEQUAH — Betty Holcomb, the incumbent council representative of the Tahlequah District, recently announced her candidacy for re-election.

Holcomb is a full-blood Keetoowah Cherokee of the Long Hair Clan. She was born and raised in the Tailholt community.

She is the daughter of Johnson and Eliza Pigeon Holcomb, who raised her in a traditional home, where Keetoowah Cherokee was the first language.

Holcomb is fluent in Keetoowah Cherokee, and translates and speaks for the tribal members. She is a member of the Stokes Ceremonial Stomp Ground.

She served the Tahlequah District for two terms, from 1997-’04 and 2008-’12.

Holcomb is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She retired from Sequoyah High School after 17 years as the supervisory cook.

“My motto is, ‘For the people, by the people,’” she said. “I know it is the people who elected me, and I will represent them to the best of my ability. If elected as the Tahlequah District council representative, I will uphold the UKB Constitution, put my council leadership experience to work for the people, and serve them with an unselfish heart and mind.”