Tahlequah Daily Press

April 16, 2013

Wallet flap spurs attack with vehicle

Staff Writer

TAHLEQUAH — Cherokee County sheriff’s investigators are looking into an alleged vehicular assault that occurred last week near the Comb’s Bridge, east of State Highway 10.

According to a report filed this week by Sheriff’s Capt. Bob Sanders, Dillon Dorler told deputies he and his girlfriend were driving near the bridge when they were flagged down by a man and woman who were trying to find suspects in the theft of their father’s wallet. Dorler said his vehicle apparently looked similar to the one used by the man who stole the wallet.

Dorler said the man and woman realized he and his girlfriend were not the suspects, so Dorler drove on and began heading over Combs Bridge. Dorler’s vehicle was then allegedly rammed from behind by a truck, which pushed Dorler and his girlfriend across the bridge and finally stopped on the other side.

Sanders said the man who rammed Dorler’s vehicle was the victim of the wallet theft.

The man’s daughter showed up at the scene and told her father that Dorler and his girlfriend were not the suspects who took his wallet. When the man realized he had mistaken the two, he reportedly exchanged insurance information with Dorler, but told him if he filed an insurance claim, he would tell police Dorler was the man who took his wallet.

According to Sanders, he spoke to the man last week, and he admitted to mistaking Dorler’s vehicle for the car driven by the man who took his wallet.

He also admitted  he pushed Dorler’s vehicle across the bridge with his truck, but claimed Dorler had backed into him.